“All those motherfuckers are illegitimate!”

“Cuba,” said Gandja Montiero, “is more democratic than the United States by far. 99.9% of the people there vote! Sure, it’s a one-party country, but still.” Welcome to the logic of the anti-war left.

A demonstrator reacts to a speaker Wednesday.

Gandja Montiero has traveled around the world since she was six months old, she said. Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Jamaica, Jordan, all over Latin America. She’s been “exposed to the truth of what’s going on.”
What’s going on, she said, is the imperialism of the United States, and the evil it’s committing in the name of its citizens. And that’s how she found herself dancing against war at Wednesday’s protest rally in Washington Square Park. Around her, other dancers surged and swayed, and the drummers — often making do with old water cooler bottles and buckets — beat out an infectious rhythm and chanted.

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NotInOurName.net rally in Union Square today

Rally in Union Square today, and reports coming later this afternoon.

Today at 1 p.m., NotInOurName.net is staging a national day of protest, urging high school and college students to stage a one-day walkout and protest the seemingly inevitable war with Iraq. (Why did I link to that story just now? Because by warning Saddam not to deny the possesion of WMD, Bush is boxing him in. Kur5hin.org has a fine editorial on this titled, “Has Saddam Stopped Beating His Wife?”)
I will be attending this rally and reporting on it. Look for first-hand reports later tonight.