“Fatal blow” to the “media serpent”?

Is a “fatal blow” coming to a major media outlet?

The Middle East Media Research Institute is reporting that Al Qa’ida chief of training Abu Muhammad Al-Ablaj issued a communiqué to the Kuwaiti paper Al-Watan saying that Al Qa’ida is about to deal a “fatal blow” to the “head of the international media serpent that serves the American whims and interests.” (Fox News? New York Times? CNN?) He also claims that Al Qa’ida has an independent brigade operating in Iraq.
This scares me to death, since a “fatal blow” could mean a major (radiological?) strike on Times Square in New York, around which most major media in the country have clustered—including the magazine I do work for.
[Ed. Sorry, I thought there would be more, but I’ve not had a chance to track down more info just yet.]