Lebanese Wines

BEIRUT — Lebanon is known for its wines. The Bekaa Valley produces some truly excellent vintages. But what’s the favorite wine of the Gemayel political dynasty? “Michel Aoun won the election with Armenian votes, waaaaah!” (Say it out loud, it’s funnier.)
Yes, Michel Aoun’s candidate Camille Khoury, who no one has heard of before, won the election in the Metn district by a few hundred votes because the [Armenians](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenians_in_Lebanon) strongly backed him. The Maronite Christians, however, backed former president Amin Gemayel by a large margin. This has led Gemayel, the father of [Pierre Gemayel](http://www.back-to-iraq.com/2006/11/pierre_gemayel_has_been_assass.php), the slain industry minister for whose seat the election was held, to complain that Aoun doesn’t represent the real Christians of Lebanon and his election is somehow illegitimate. Newsflash: Armenians are Christians and have been before any other nation could say that, dating back to 301 A.D., before there even *were* [Maronites](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maronite). Gemayel is also calling on the religious authorities and the state to force a recount or even a new election in the Bourj Hammoud district, an Armenian enclave where Gemayel said the dead were voting. As I said before, Bourj Hammoud looks nothing like Chicago.

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