Back to Iraq!

Check this: Brother, can you spare a dime for my Gucci bills? Karyn Bosnak was some broke, perky marketroid who overspent herself into $20K of credit card debt and then essentially begged he way back to solvency. Most of the donors were Net-savvy dot-com refugees like herself hoping for a little karmic action from their small act of kindness.

So here’s my spiel. I’m looking to go back to Iraq. If people donate to me (I’ve set up a PayPal account for y’all to do so. Buttons are on the right under the “links” box.) I’ll go and report back with pictures and Web reports. Rather than bailing out some 20-something who got herself into a mess through conspicuous consumption, you’ll be supporting independent journalism and an adventure. Plus, you’ll be getting something more than a warm and fuzzy feeling out of it: you-are-there reports and pictures that will be emailed to you first before being published anywhere.

As an early bonus, here are the photos from my first trip in July.

So there you have it. I’m asking for sponsorship from my friends and colleagues to throw in a buck or two (or whatever you want to donate.) It will be fun, and it’s for a good cause. Thanks very, very much. Be sure and drop me an email so I can put you on the distribution list and add you to my list of contributors. (If you don’t want to be listed, just let me know.)