Dept. of Navel Gazing

Couldn’t wait to post this. Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, of Sydney University, studied 5000 samples of belly-button lint and concluded that lint is a combination of clothing fibers and skin cells (ick) that migrate to the navel thanks to body hair, “as all roads lead to Rome.” For this dubious contribution to science, he won an Ig Nobel. Congrats, Dr. K!
Seriously, if such a subject can ever turn serious, this has answered one of my enduring questions, which is why the hell do I get so much lint? I mean, I’m a relatively hairy fellow (I think I used the term “troglodyte”), but I’m not a “slightly overweight, middle-aged male with a hairy abdomen,” as Dr. K described the typical lint producer. I’m not overweight nor am I middle-aged, unless I’m going to die at 64.
Which, according to the Death Clock doesn’t seem likely. According to its estimate, i’m going to kick it on July 16, 2047. No doubt the sight of thousands of American flags from Flag Day two days previously will send me into spasms of rage and lead to a fatal stroke or something. That would be just my luck.
Speaking of navel gazing and death clocks, doesn’t blogging seem a bit like navel gazing in order to combat mortality? This idea bears some contemplation… Hm.