Qatar denies coup attempt

Well, hell. Qatar has denied the reports of an attempted coup on Oct. 12, calling the rumor “nonsense.”
This is a tough call for me to make, especially after I blew it up as big as I did. But I’m not on the ground there, and I only have Stratfor and to go by. While both can be pretty reliable, the State Department has said there’s nothing to it and now Qatar says the same thing. For what it’s worth, I will say that it’s possible that something went down and both the U.S. and Qatar have vested interests in preserving the image of a happy, pacific partnership.
However, just because something is possible doesn’t mean it happened. I have to say until another source comes forward, it looks like rumors of a Qatari coup were just that — rumors. I regret compounding the error by publishing it. I will do better next time.