Carriers in motion to Gulf

In Stratfor’s War Diary (subscription required), it’s being reported that the carrier USS Constellation will set sail for the Gulf later this week and will arrive in December. The USS Harry S. Truman is also due in late December or early January. These two carriers will relieve the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS George Washington, which are currently stationed in the Gulf and the Mediterranean, respectively. However, if the Lincoln stays in the Gulf and the Washington moves there, that would give the United States four carriers by the beginning of 2003.
Also moving is the USS Kitty Hawk, which left Japan a few days ago, mission unknown. A British carrier is also on the move, apparently. Stratfor predicts an attack soon after the first of the year.
This seems likely since France seems to be weakening in the United Nations and Russia might be more likely to support a hard resolution after the Chechen hostage situation in the Nord-Ost theatre. Britain is with the United States, obviously, and China says it won’t veto a resolution. Bottom line: The U.S. will get its resolution.
Cry ‘havoc’ around the first of the year, me thinks. The dogs will be loos’d