Memo to readers: Media coverage, part deux

To: The readers

Hi, everyone… Yesterday, the San Diego Union-Tribune ran a piece that mentioned Back to Iraq in the context of online fundraising. (The links and the URL are now corrected.) Today, for the readers in Gotham, Time Out New York‘s Angela Gunn favorably reviewed Back to Iraq in her tech column as a source of independent news and analysis. (View a scan of the page here.)
Also, I’m trying to get more attention and stories published. If any of you know any editors who are looking for stories on Iraq, whether for newspapers or magazines, please mention me and the site. I would really appreciate it. Also, if you like the site, please pass the URL around, tell your friends and colleagues about it. Things are starting to pick up here, but I could use your help.
OK. That’s the end of the booster shot for now. More news as it happens.
Thank you for your support,