Shoutout to the feds!

I’d like to give a big shoutout to the feds reading this site — you know who you are. And now that I have some decent Web analyzing software, so do I.
Hello, you folks at the National Reconnaissance Office. (For those who aren’t familiar with this branch of the government, the Office’s slogan is “Freedom’s Sentinels in Space.” They run the spy satellites.) And hello to all the folks at the State and Treasury departments. Also, NASA has checked in. Hi!
To the brave souls at the Army, Navy and Air Force computers you’re logging in from, I hope my site doesn’t violate your orders. But maybe you guys can tell me what is. I’m a bit puzzled by that one. All I know is that the black helicopter crowd tends to freak out when that domain shows up in the logs. Why would that be, hm?
So happy holidays, fed folks. And happy holidays to everyone else, too, especially the international readers. has had visitors from 38 countries, including Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, U.A.E., Czech Republic and Israel. Thanks very much for reading.
This weekend has been slow thanks to the American Thanksgiving holiday, but tomorrow there should be some good stuff. Keep watching this space. (I know the NRO will. Why let them have all the fun?)