Cross-blog debate on the war

Just a bit of housekeeping and blog information here. Over at and Truth Laid Bear, there’s an interesting cross-blog debate on the upcoming war with Iraq. N.Z. Bear of Truth Laid Bair will be coordinating the pro-war side of the debate and Dr. Slack will be coordinating the anti-war side on his site. The very laudable goal of this, proposed by Bear, is to keep both sides from becoming “echo chambers.”
Each side of the debate will propose five questions to the other side, with the questions coming from submissions to the coordinators. Once the questions are finalized, they will be posted on each others’ sites on Monday. From Monday through Sunday, Feb. 16, any blogger interested in answering rising to the debate challenge will answer the questions on their own site. On Monday, Feb. 17, Dr. Slack and N.Z. Bear will post a roundup of the responses from both sides.
This is democracy in action, and I hope many of you will take part in this debate.

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