Amazon reminder

Hey all. Just a reminder that if you donate via Amazon, please be sure and tell me that you did. (There’s a little box to the right after you’ve compeleted the transaction that says “Tell the person you donated” or something like that.) Amazon doesn’t provide me with any contact information, so I can’t add you to the mailing list, which is one of the main benefits of donating. (By the way, I’ve started pricing tickets and sussing out entry and exit strategies.)
Alternately, you can drop me an email and let me know. Be sure and include your name, email and amount. Also, if you’d like to be listed on the “Angel Investors” list on the right, let me know. Otherwise I’ll assume you prefer anonymity.
Again thanks to everyone who donated. The plans are looking better and better, and I’m thinking my original goal of $8,000 to $10,000 might not be necessary for a six week trip. Instead, $6,000 to $7,000 (with half from me, half from donations) might be more in line, especially if I can get some equipment donated.
Again, thanks to everyone for their support.