B2I in Wired.com

Well, I’m pleased as all get out. Wired.com’s lead story is about B2I and headlined, “Reporter Takes His Weblog to War.” It tends to focus on my technology plans — sat-phones, laptops, etc. — more so than my plans for an independent journalism, but overall a decent story. I hope this sends my traffic up and there have already been some new donations. Let’s see if this attention helps out.
Stay tuned.

3 Comments on “B2I in Wired.com”

  1. First prize: a trip to Iraq

    Good to see independent journalist, Christopher Allbritton getting some coverage from Wired magazine. They have an article about his attempts…

  2. Back to Iraq 2.0

    After seeing an article in Wired, I added Back to Iraq 2.0 to my blog links. Sporting a cameraman’s vest