Clearing up some confusion

First of all, so many people have been visiting that I suspect the server is straining. That’s, uh, good, I suppose. At any rate, it’s a good problem to have. The story was great for getting attention, but it seems to have created some new problems. I’d like to clear up some misconceptions:
1. I’m not in Iraq at the moment. I’m still raising funds via PayPal to get there. Departure date is around the beginning of April depending on when the visas from Syria/Turkey/Iran come through. I’m not sure where the impression came that I was there already, but this trip is still coming together. Currently, donations total more than $5000, but to jet off to a war zone for a month with less than $10,000 is suicide. I’m got my own savings of $1,500, but that’s not quite enough yet.
While I wish I could be there to be shocked and awed, the beginning of April will be a good time because by then, the northern front will be a _most interesting place_, with Iranians, Turks, Kurds, Americans and perhaps Iraqis running about.
2. I’m independent, not unbiased. There’s a difference. And when one is still in New York, working from your own sources as well as what’s out in the mediaverse, columns are what one writes. I never claimed to be unbiased, but my biases are clear and my reporting is transparent. The stories I will and have been reporting hopefully will stand up to scrutiny and history. That will be my credibility, not whether a reader agrees with my stance or not.
Yes, I’m opposed to this war, although I’m not opposed to war in general. I think this war is the wrong war at the wrong time. One of the things that this web site allows me to do is to call bullshit when I think I see it, and last night’s presidential address was an opportunity to do that. Other than a 48-hour deadline, it was the same arguments that have been presented for months. (For that matter, the anti-war crowd has hardened its positions — we’re now in ideological trench warfare.)
So I hope this clears up some confusion. And to people who have donated and/or written to express your good will and well-wishes, thank you so much. If I haven’t responded to you yet, please be patient. I’ve been swamped and it’s been a busy few days. I will write you today or tomorrow, depending on what happens in the world.

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  1. I’ll stop when he leaves the country!

    I promise. If he gets out of the country, I’ll stop pestering you. No, not Saddam, not George. Christopher Allbritton is the guy. Get him out of New York and into Iraq! I’ll even allow more than 48 hours. That’s…