Bandwidth Issues

I toyed with the idea of a headline reading, “U.S. government invades Back to Iraq; Defenders Rally, Beat Back Yankee Devils!” but then I realized it wasn’t that funny.
My server is absolutely swamped. I don’t know if it’s a Denial of Service attack (my favorite paranoid fantasy) or just a problem with the number of people visiting and the traffic is too much to handle. Monday, we saw 14,000+ unique visitors and we moved almost 4 GB 40 GB (!!) of traffic yesterday. While this is a problem, this is a _good_ problem.
However, I can’t get into the site. On my end, it didn’t look like the Tariq Aziz entry went up. I’m glad that it did and _some_ people can get onto he site.
I’m really hoping we can get this resolved today, and I’m really, really sorry to people who are having trouble with the site. We’re working on the problem and hopefully we will have some answers soon.