Timing, it’s all about timing

Watching all of this on CNN leaves me with a cauldron of conflicting feelings. On one hand, I’m horrified that this war has started. This is the wrong war at the wrong time. It’s wrong for the United States, the Iraqi people, the system of alliances built up since World War II and for world stability. It will make America — and the world — less safe. It will also kill a lot of innocent people needlessly.
I’m also a little relieved, now that the tension of the last few months has been broken.
But as a journalist, I’m also very, very frustrated that I’m still waiting on visas and I’m not there yet. (This impatience is, admittedly, not one of my finer qualities. Other journalists will understand, though.) I don’t want to feel like a vulture, but I’m champing at the bit to get in there, get into the thick of the story and see first hand what’s going on. I don’t like relying on CNN et al. But I also want to be part of the biggest story in the world right now.
Today, the Syrians told me to refax my visa information, but they were — suddenly — much more optimistic about my paperwork. Fatima told me a transit visa shouldn’t take too long. An Iranian visa company I’m working with told me things would be more possible after 25 March, when the Norooz New Year (20-24 March) is over. After that it will take a week, I was told. So things are still looking good for a two-week or so departure date.