> $10,000

By the way, everyone. We broke $10,000 yesterday… Many, _many_ thanks to all of you. There’s no way this would have happened without those members of the _real_ “Coalition of the Willing” (formerly “Angel Investors”) to the right. Everyone on that list deserves every reader’s thanks. And they definitely have mine.
Also, George over at Warblogging deserves a big thanks for helping host this site, and helping get tons of bandwidth
My brother, Michael, will also deserve a big hand, since he’s going to be the one actually pushing the button to publish this blog while I’m in-country. The sat-phone is pretty narrow bandwidth, so I’ll email out the the dispatches on the donors’ listserv I’ve set up and later in the day, Michael will copy and paste the day’s email(s) into blog entries. (I’d link to his site, but he’s serving it on an iMac out of his home. I don’t think his ISP would appreciate the attention.)
Friends, family and others too many to mention here: You have my gratitude. This could never have happened without their support and encouragement.
And now, the fear sets in. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I’ll likely not blog until Friday when I get to Ankara and give an update, but I’ll do what I can.

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  1. study week

    I finally sussed the functions in PHP that build a tree from a database and lays it out correctly, given only the parent of each record. That was a big fairy tale which is now over. Now I can concentrate…

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