Call for comments

Hello all. I’m gathering material for research on the B2I proposal, and wanted to ask the readers some questions. Feel free to answer in the comments or email me. I’ll also be contacting some of you directly to interview you (if that’s OK.)

  1. What was the primary factor that attracted you to B2I?
  2. What was the primary factor that kept you coming back?
  3. How important was the “community” aspect of the site to you? Did you take part in the debates and comment sections?
  4. If you donated, what was the factor that led you to do so?
  5. How would you describe your political leanings?
  6. Did you support the war?
  7. Do you think B2I brought you stories and information that the mainstream media didn’t? If so, why do you think that’s the case?
  8. Are blogs — and specifically reader-funded blogs — a viable and new form of journalism? How willing are you to support other independent sites such as B2I?
  9. What would be the deciding factor(s) in supporting other sites?

Thanks very much everyone! Like I said, I’ll be contacting some of you to follow-up with more questions, unless you don’t wish to be contacted. If you don’t, please tell me in your email and/or comment. Thanks very much for all of y’all’s help.
Some who have written in have expressed concern about your email address being shared or distributed. This will _never_ happen. I will never give out your emails to anyone for any reason — period. I can’t emphasize this enough. The only mailings you’ll get from me are those you signed up for. (Unless you’re an old friend of mine and then I’ll bombard you; friendship often carries a burden.) Yes, I have your emails in a database, but the MoveableType software needs that for the notification emails. If you wish to be taken out of the database, please feel free to email me and — with a heavy heart and teary eyes — I’ll remove you.
If you post in the comments and you give a valid email address, however, there’s nothing to prevent someone contacting you based on the information you have provided in a public comment section, so keep that in mind.
Again, thanks for everyone’s feedback.

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