More independent journalism hits the web

David Appell over at Quark Soup has picked up the baton of independent, reader-funded journalism. He is investigating a story on the Sugar Association, the World Health Organization and Congress. He’s asking for $250 from readers to report the story on his blog first — $5 from -40- 50 readers. (A lot more modest than the $10,000 I asked for!)
Dave’s a freelance science writer with a good resume and a nice collection of clips. In other words, he’s a real journalist. I urge people to support him, since I’m about to put my money where my mouth is and pop him $5. Let’s show the world Back-to-Iraq wasn’t a one-time stunt.

2 Comments on “More independent journalism hits the web”

  1. Real Journalism

    Ok first check out Back to Iraq if ya haven’t already. You’ll get some real news over there…kinda like the real news we get at Salam’s place. He vouches for this dude…he’s a science writer (not really my thing) but…