Interesting news from Mosul

Salam over at Where is Raed? posted an highly interesting report from a friend of his calling herself Riverbend. Seems that the Americans are fouling things up in Mosul, too, and that domestic audiences here in the States may have really missed the anger and resentment of Iraqis at the attacks, killings and display of Udai and Qusai Hussein. As Riverbend writes:

People are infuriated because of the whole commotion- planes flying, Apaches hovering and freaked-out troops shooting right and left (yes, they shot civilians). Then, on top of all that crap, they decide to show the pictures on tv to ‘prove to the Iraqi people’ the deaths of Uday and Qusai… Pleeeeease… those pictures were obviously Bush’s war trophy. And could they have come at a more convenient time for the nitwit??? I think not…

She also makes note that electricity is back on in Mosul, more or less, but that it was accomplished through local efforts, not “Amreeekan” ones.
(Mosul was the scene of some of the most savage unrest after the war. (, registration likely required.) Phillip Robertson did some great reporting there.)

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