Some thoughts on site revenue

Hello everyone. I wanted to share with you some thoughts about site revenue. While I’m not updating B2I nearly as frequently as I was, I’ve started rethinking some of my earlier ideas about what will and won’t appear here. Specifically: Advertising.
I’ve been experimenting with Google’s AdSense, and it seems an unobtrusive, relatively focused way of generating a little revenue. Basically, Google scans the site and using its technology, serves up targeted ads based on the content. There is no interaction between myself and the advertising and I get paid on a click-through basis. I don’t even know who will come up, and the advertisers sure don’t know they’re going through my site. Another alternative is BlogAds, but I’m still looking into that one. I’m not sure I like the aesthetic results.
My main objection to advertising on Back to was to avoid the pressure that can sometimes come. Google’s solution seems to avoid that pressure. I’ve not decided if I will do it or not, but I’m considering it. Would you, the readers, absolutely _hate_ an ad scheme such as this?
Also, I’m an Amazon affiliate now. And while I’ve not put anything up on the site — mainly to avoid clutter — I may start doing that. I’d be pointing out interesting books on the region (and hopefully shilling my own!) and getting a small cut from any purchases made through this site. Again, would you hate that?
The reason the subject of revenue comes up is because I’m not making the cash freelancing that will get me back to Iraq any time soon. While I’m hoping for a nice book advance, I’m still waiting to hear if the book has even sold. In the meantime, building up a nest egg through small amounts may be something quite worthwhile.
Donations are still accepted, but since the mission is a little more unfocused I haven’t been aggressive in soliciting them. Another reason is that the site should be a lot more active to justify your generosity. That’s my fault, and unfortunately I’ve not had the time that I’d like this summer to devote to B2I. I don’t think it’s fair to ask of you guys if I’m not putting in as much effort is your largess deserves. Thus, the possible inclusion of more passive revenue generation from AdSense, BlogAds and Amazon affiliation.
So, please feel free to comment on any of this. I’d be interested in hearing what you all think.