Blogging and Journalism

Harvard University’s Nieman Foundation, which administers the prestigious Nieman Fellowship, has published the September issue of the Nieman Reports, looking at the intersection between blogging and journalism. The entire issue is available as a .pdf file for download.
My contribution starts on page 84, but the entire package is excellent, with strong offerings by J.D. Lasica, Eric Alterman and Dan Gillmor.
The complete list is:

  • Weblogs and Journalism: Do They Connect? by Rebecca Blood
  • Is Blogging Journalism? by Paul Andrews
  • Weblogs: A Road Back to Basics by Bill Mitchell
  • Weblogs Threaten and Inform Traditional Journalism by Tom Regan
  • Blogs and Journalism Need Each Other by J.D. Lasica
  • Weblogs Bring Journalists Into a Larger Community by Paul Grabowicz
  • Blogging Journalists Invite Outsiders’ Reporting In by Sheila Lennon
  • Moving Toward Participatory Journalism by Dan Gillmor
  • Weblogs and Journalism: Back to the Future? by Glenn Harlan Reynolds
  • Blogging From Iraq by me
  • Determining the Value of Blogs by Eric Alterman
  • The Infectious Desire to Be Linked in the Blogosphere by Mark Glaser
  • Readers Glimpse an Editorial Board’s Thinking by Keven Ann Willey
  • A Reporter Is Fired for Writing a Weblog by Steve Olafson
  • An Editor Acts to Limit a Staffer’s Weblog by Brian Toolan (Editor, Hartford Courant, no blog)
  • Blogging Connects a Columnist to New Story Ideas by Mike Wendland
  • Bloggers and Their First Amendment Protection by Jane E. Kirtley
  • A Weblog Sharpens Journalism Students’ Skills by Larry Pryor

I plan to use a lot of this in my course that I’m teaching at NYU, so any of my students reading this blog should just download it now.

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