Lately, the comments boards have become a haven for spammers, hawking porn, Viagra, whatever. I’ve tried to delete them as quickly as I can catch them, but sometimes I miss them. My apologies.
Anyway, this infuriating development has led me to consider some form of registration to leave comments. I don’t like the idea of it, and I know you don’t, but I feel I’ve been pushed to at least consider this by the jerks online. I’m not sure how I would do it, possibly moving to Scoop or something like “”: has done, but I think it has come to that. I’ll keep you all in informed.
Again, my apologies for moving in this direction, but the spammers have forced my hand, and — again — made something cool and convenient less so.
I thank you for your understanding and patience.
*UPDATE* Apparently, “I’m not the only one”:,1282,60912,00.html pissed off by this. (By the way, “Wil Wheaton’s blog”: is considered popular and influential?)
*UPDATE 2* Thank to “James”: for pointing me to MT-Blacklist, a plug-in from the he-who-should-be-sainted “Jay Allen”: Now, if I can just get it to work. At the moment, I keep getting 500 Internal Server Errors.
UPDATE 3 Yay! MT-Blacklist now works and it’s lovely. Thanks, Jay, for all your help. Spammers: To hell with you.