Hm, that’s a good idea…

Josh over at Talking Points Memo is proposing to cover the New Hampshire primary for his blog by asking his readers to fund him to go on the trip.
Hm. Where have I heard that idea before?
OK. I’m not really miffed that he’s using B2I’s revenue model. I hope he pulls it off, as I think (for obvious reasons) that this kind of “epic event coverage” by professional bloggers can really advance the medium and drive the revenue model forward. I urge people to donate once he gets his plan more in place. I plan to.
But, Josh: Would it _kill_ you to mention B2I?
*UPDATE* To Aaron et al. I was _joking_ in my pique. I wasn’t really miffed, as I pointed out and I really would like to see more of this kind of journalism-blogging. As I’ve pointed out in the past, while I may have been the first, I certainly hope I’m not the last to do this kind of reader-funded reporting.