Speaking at UT Austin on Tuesday

On Tuesday, I’ll be speaking at the conference, “Reshaping the Coverage of Conflict: Journalists at War,” presented by the Center for American History and the University of Texas at Austin’s journalism school. I’ll try to blog the “day”:http://ical.mac.com/WebObjects/iCal.woa/wa/default?d=4&u=callbritton&v=2&y=2003&m=10&n=Back32to32Iraq.ics (click the link to see the schedule), but I’m not sure what my Net access will be. It might have to wait until I get back to the hotel.

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    BUSH AND OCCAM’S RAZOR – Big thanks to Sarah for recommending this one. Here’s the lead-in from Bush and Occam’s Razor, that hilarious and Right On piece by D.A. Blyler, appearing right now over at Get Underground. .. I know what many are thinking. Wha…

  2. Iraq and Public Information

    While working through my regular awhile back, I found a link to this article on The Messopotamian. While I’m not familiar with this particular blogger, I do believe that he or she has some excellent points to make about reaching the Iraqi people….