Matching donations

Wow. I’m incredibly grateful that so many are willing to donate. One contributor, a gentleman I’ll call “currencia,” has offered to match, dollar for dollar, any donations that come in between now and 5 p.m. on Dec. 24. (Up to $1,000.) Since Currencia made his offer, $210 has come in.
Thank you all. We’re way further ahead at this point than last time, where it took *five months* to get to more than $2,000. This time, we’ve reached that point in less than three weeks. With the amount donated, plus my own savings, I’ll be able to get a bullet-proof vest (about $1,000), Arabic lessons and other logistic expenses, such as plane tickets, visas, deposits, etc.
Thank you so much, everyone. Your support, especially at this time of year, really means a lot. Happy holidays.