Bomb hits entrance to Green Zone, 20 dead

More death in Baghdad as a car bomb kills 20 at the gates to the American compound.

American troops stand amongst the flames and debris following a huge car bomb at the Assassin’s Gate in Baghdad. (Associated Press)

God. A powerful suicide car bomb was detonated at the main gate of the American “green zone” in Baghdad, killing at least 20 and injuring 60 more. All of the dead were civilians.
This was the first attack on the American compound proper, and the Coalition Provisional Authority says that because the car didn’t inside the gate, today’s explosion was a security “success.”
I honestly don’t know what it will take to end the violence there. A complete American pull-out? Hello, civil war. Martial law? Let’s not do the resistance’s recruitment for them, shall we? Turn the situation over to the U.N.? Who’s going to supply the troops, Bangladesh?
Can someone please tell me how this ends?