Very busy

Sorry, all, for the paucity of posts. I’ve been trying to cram about six columns and four features for the magazine where I freelance before my May departure date. I’m also teaching again, and that takes up some time in preparation. Finally, i try to study my Arabic as much as I can. I’m also researching a story on the hawala money-trading system. Something has had to give and frequent posts was the victim.
The upside is that with so much freelance work crammed into a short amount of time, it will bring in a fair amount of scratch. The downside is obvious: I don’t have the time to write so much about stories such as the United Nations nixing the plans for early elections and whether there are circumstances under which NATO might help out in Iraq.
So, again, my apologies. I wish I could write more often. I will write as often as I can.
Thanks for your understanding.