Open thread on Richard Clarke

First time to throw open the doors to a (mostly) open thread on Richard Clarke’s accusations that the Bush administration fiddled for several months before the real fire. Go crazy.
I’m currently on deadline and can’t really post much on this. But I hope the commentary gets feisty. Please, however, keep it civil.
UPDATE 1:36 PM EST March 24 2004 Clarke is testifying right now before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.
But here’s an interesting question: Why is only Fox News running the background briefing transcript Clarke gave in 2002? (Referenced in the comments.) Because Jim Angle is a Fox News reporter and the White House cleared its release. That Fox is the currently the only major news outlet to run this is a serious breach of journalism ethics. The bottom line is that Fox burned a source and violated its promise to Clarke that the briefing would be “on background.” When I was at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, it was beaten into our heads not to ever burn a source. That’s what Fox did when it worked hand in glove with the White House to discredit Clarke.
UPDATE II Here are some of the Commission’s documents.

UPDATE III Clarke said his briefing (referenced above, and reproduced in the comments) was to “highlight the positive” to the press, something as a special assistant to the president he’s done several times “for several presidents.”