More Charges Against al-Sadr

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Interesting. Yesterday “I speculated”: that maybe al-Sadr was looking to control the treasury of Imam Ali’s shrine in Najaf. I based that on an October incident involving Sadr’s followers in Karbala.
Well, it turns out that the Coalition has filed additional charges against Moqtada al-Sadr involving … robbing a mosque!

Yesterday, a coalition official revealed that two other charges had been lodged against al-Sadr — one in connection with stealing from mosque collection boxes and the other regarding a pregnant woman believed to have been killed by al-Sadr bodyguards.

Now, I didn’t know the Coalition was going to charge al-Sadr with boosting collection plates. My sources were reporters and people in Karbala. Perhaps it’s true, perhaps it’s not. (I think if it is true, it’s astonishingly stupid of al-Sadr.) If it’s not true, then the charge might be an attempt by the Coalition to try to defuse al-Sadr’s support among poor Shi’a, as Charles suggested in a comment.