Syrian attacks fake?

Whoa. Were the “Syrian attacks”: yesterday faked? The _Jerusalem Post_ thinks so:

The still unexplained attacks in Damascus Tuesday night were a fabrication of Syria’s Baath Party hoping for a carte blanche for a crackdown on the regime’s opponents, claimed the dissident Reform Party of Syria (RPS) Wednesday.
Syria blamed al-Qaida for the attacks, which according to reports left a police officer and at least two militants dead in the Mazza district of the capital, home to several embassies and international organizations.
RPS noted that the attack had little of the telltale markers of an al-Qaida strike, usually a well coordinated, high-potent attack using a combination of suicide bombers and gunmen. Given al-Qaida’s predilection for larger attacks, and its use of Syria as a base for operations casts doubt that the Wahabi group was involved, said RPS.

It’s certainly plausible for a police state like Syria to stage a little diversion, especially considering its recent troubles with restive Kurds in Damascus and Qamishly. If it convinced the world it was in Osama bin Laden’s cross hairs, Damascus could lessen some of pressure Washington is putting on it and gain a free hand to crack down on its Kurds.
Not sure what more to make of this, however. It certainly _seems_ like the attack was relatively unsuccessful, but more as it comes out hopefully.

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  1. Breaking

    Big Explosions in Syria. Cause as yet unknown. Terrorism? Israel taking out someone? A farce? update: well I just added a hyperlink to the "a farce" above, as its beginning to seem like that’s exactly what this event is……