My Idea for the Iraqi Flag

flag copy.jpg

Not having enough to do, much like the Iraqi Governing Council, I whipped up my own idea for a new Iraqi flag this morning and thought I’d post it and see what you all thought.
The red, green and black are there, with their original symbolism: Green for the Prophet’s green flag, black for the Abbasid’s black flags and the red for remembrance of the 1958 revolution that brought the country true independence. The white field can stand for both the Ummayid’s white flags and also peace. The crescent is obviously a symbol of Islam and the blue color represents justice, freedom and vigilance. (It’s also a nod to the Turkmen.) The yellow star represents the Kurds. Embedding it in the Arab colors symbolizes the desire for a unified Iraqi state, which is embraced by Islam.
I dunno. This was just a quick design from a guy with “30 minutes and a Macintosh”: — me. It’s not intended to offend anyone and I hope it doesn’t. It was just a possible alternative to the “lame IGC flag”: Maybe it will inspire people when the time comes for the Iraqi people to choose their own flag.
Again, please bear in mind this is just doodling. I don’t expect anyone but Iraqis to design their own flag. To assume I think otherwise would be wrong.

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