Brit pics nixed

Good for the owners of the _Daily Mirror_ in the UK:

Mirror editor sacked over hoax
Piers Morgan was last night sacked as editor of the Daily Mirror as the newspaper apologised “unreservedly” for publishing photographs of Iraqi prisoner abuse that were faked.
Morgan’s nine-year reign came to an end after the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment proved that pictures of its soldiers allegedly torturing Iraqi captives were staged and launched a strong campaign denouncing the Mirror’s handling of the images.

My apologies for not blogging this sooner. I’ve been traveling a lot in the last few days and haven’t had a chance to get online much.
As for the journalism conference in Oslo, it went well. I spoke about blogs and journalism, with a hefty dose of help from Kevin Drum’s “post on blogs”: I will have more on this later today, as I just now got to a hotel in Amman with decent Net access. Now I just have to try to find “Billmon”: from the Whiskey Bar.