Article in OJR on B2I

Hello all– Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been swamped and the atmosphere is enough to make one want to lay down with a dry martini for much of the day. Unfortunately, I have no olives.
Anyway, Mark Glaser of Online Journalism Review has a piece on B2I with some interesting comments from editors and readers. Somehow he has managed to sum up the challenges of juggling TIME, the New York Daily News and the blog better than I’ve been able to. I guess distance and perspective can help on that one.
I’m on a deadline today, but hope to have something up later tonight, local time, on the Interim Government’s first few days in office. Yesterday was a bad exception to the surprising peace of the first week.
UPDATE 0014 +0400 GMT Hey, the latest “TIME article”:,9171,1101040712-660932,00.html is up. This was the embed I was on last week. I also had hoped to have something up, kind of a week in review piece, but I had two deadlines crash on me tonight. Tomorrow I’ll post, _inshallah_.