Chalabi Charges Dropped?

What the hell? I went to the — I assumed — stupendously boring Ahmed Chalabi press conference this afternoon and it went something like this:

Chalabi: I was attacked this morning, but I’m fine, thanks.
Question: Can you tell us about the counterfeiting charges against you and the murder rap against your nephew?
Chalabi: Oh, those… (chuckle.) They were reduced to a summons. I went to the judge (al-Malaki) today and all charges have been dropped against us.

This was in Arabic, and I’m obviously paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it. But jeeze; what the hell? Dropped charges? I’ve got a call in to al-Malaki, but so far, no response on this. I wonder if it’s just a translation error. Very weird.

[UPDATE: Ho, ho. Turns out Chalabi asked that the charges be dropped — not that they were.]