“Get Some, F–KERS!”


Thanks to a civilian source in Mosul, I have some footage of an attack on or near the American consulate up there, and the soldiers’ response. If you don’t find it impressive in its ferocity, you’ll at least agree that it’s loud. I’m sorry I can’t stream these files. My server doesn’t support it. But you can download the files by clicking on the images above.
The back story on this battle is thus: A civilian in Mosul sent me this footage of an August battle between American forces and insurgents in Mosul. The people in shorts and t-shirts are not contractors; they’re soldiers who got caught up in the battle when it flared up suddenly. They popped on some body army and got into the fight.
From my source:

It’s deadly around here — we are right against the city, not out in the boonies. I wasn’t here ten days before a firefight broke out about 50 meters from the office I work in. [This is the video sent to me — CA] I’ve lost count of the car bombs, and the mortars are commonplace. Had two guys in a Stryker brigade killed last Tuesday — car bomb outside the gate. Avoid this place — do not come up here; without military security you will get killed.

These videos were shot by a soldier and given to the civilian. I suspect it was a little digital camera that had MP4 recording capability, but I don’t really know. Anyway, this shows you a little of what combat — and life — is like in Mosul.
We’ve been hearing that Mosul is in danger of turning into a Fallujah of the north. When I get back to Iraq in mid-November — yes, you read that correctly — I’ll be up north and have an embed opportunity. Then we’ll get to see more of what’s going on.

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