Notification problem solved

Hello everyone, and sorry for the mass emailing. I think I’ve fixed the notification problem, but, as you see, things look a bit _different_ at the moment. That’s because I was forced to completely reinstall “MoveableType”: and use default templates. I should be back to the style you know and (hopefully) love in a little while.
A bit about the new notification features. Now, when I post something, the notifications will go out automatically. You will receive an email with links to a page that will allow you to manage your subscription(s). You can choose to have just the new entries sent to you, the comments only, or both.
You can also now subscribe to individual entries and their comments, so if you’re in an engaging conversation, subscribe to a single entry and you’ll get an email whenever someone pipes up.
Again, you can change your options on your subscriptions management page. You can even opt-out and remove yourself now. So no need to send me an email to me to take care of that for you. Decentralization is grand, no?
If you’re not subscribed to B2I at all, you can subscribe using the “Subscribe” (duh) field to the right.
I hope you like the new features, and please let me know what you think!