What’s next? Podcasts!

BAGHDAD—Greetings all. I’m going to be trying something new here on B2I: Podcasts. About once a week, I’m going to put one of these little things out. Today’s is pretty basic, as a first attempt might be, and it’s really more of a proof of concept than anything else. Please forgive the rough edges and the stream-of-conciousness tone of the thing.

In the future, I’d like to bring in Iraqis to talk, do more audio stories and even try to do a call-in for readers with iChat or Skype. If there’s interest in such “chat-in” shows, I’ll see if I can find an Iraqi co-host and we’ll answer your questions and probably argue with you a bit. I’m thinking this would be very popular.

So, feedback is welcome. I’m trying to get the size down and this first podcast is about 10 minutes long. Enjoy.

Download the “Six Weeks” podcast by clicking here or on the “podcast” icons above and below. For those of you with iTunes 4.9, on both Macs and Windows, you can subscribe to the B2I podcasts by choosing “Subscribe to Podcast…” under the “Advanced” menu and input either this URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/back-to-iraq/Kjzv. or https://www.back-to-iraq.com/index.xml Other podcasting clients, such as iPodderX will work in a similar fashion. If you’d like to subscribe to the B2I RSS feed, they’re all available down to the right.

[UPDATE: OK. I’m completely bumfuzzled as to why my feed won’t pick up the .mp3 enclosure. If any computer whizzes out there want to help, I’d be most grateful. The MT-Enclosures plugin I’m using seems to be picking every other URL up in this post except the .mp3 tag. What gives?]

Problem solved.

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  1. Podcasting desde Bagdad

    Christopher Allbritton ha vuelto a Irak. Ya ha tenido la oportunidad de degustar de primera mano la paz que se respira en el país. Un trayecto por la carretera del aeropuerto y vuelves en cuestión de segundos a la cruda…