Back Up

BEIRUT — Well, as you can see, the blog is back up. A few minor changes have been made, and all the special features seem to be working.
But really, who cares? Almost 1,000 Shi’ites in Baghdad are dead in a stampede that is a horrible, horrible tragedy. The _only_ upside is that for a while, sectarian suspicions were put on hold as Sunni mosques organized relief for Shi’ite families. Today, however, I hear politics in Baghdad are back to normal — there was a gunfight at the bridge, which isn’t unsual for Baghdad.
Meanwhile, back in the United States, I’m shocked and appalled by the destruction of Katrina and the sheer ineptness of the rescue efforts. You mean to tell me that four years after 9/11, the United States federal government responds to a massive disaster in a major American city in such a slip-shod manner? Unbelievable. I guess those tax dollars going to homeland security were well-spent, eh?