More Bloody Housekeeping…

BAGHDAD — Jeeze. Switching servers is a pain in the ass. Anyway, people have complained that they’re not getting notifications of new entries, etc. I’m using a plugin that allows _you_, dear reader, to manage your own subscriptions. (Yeah, I’m lazy. Sue me.)
In the transition, however, the notification list has been hosed. This is, in some ways, a blessing. There were many dead emails on there and people were getting notifications who didn’t want to get them. Now, we have a clean slate. (Were that Iraq were so lucky.) This means that if you subscribed in the past and you still wish to receive new entries, _you must re-subscribe._
If you want to subscribe to B2I as a whole and get emails when there is a new entry sign up through the subscribe link in the sidebar on the right. It’s right over there. You can’t miss it.
Additionally, if you want to follow a discussion in the comments on an individual entry, you can do that too. Just fill out the signup box at the bottom of each comment section. That will assign you _only to that entry._ This can be an additional subscription to the main blog.
Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email from *You must click the confirmation link to confirm any of your subscriptions.*
If you ever wish to remove yourself from any subscriptions, each notification email has a link to do so. You’ll again have to confirm your opting-out, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure that out.
Let’s hope this ends the tidying up around here.