Lebanon Delenda Est?

BEIRUT — Yesterday I went on a media tour of Harat Hreik, one of the southern suburbs with Hossein Nabulsi, spokesman for Hezbollah. The devastation of that neighborhood is total. It’s gone. I’m posting a video I shot of Nabulsi as we stumbled through the rubble in a kind of roving press conference. Anyone know who was that guy was who kept pushing Nabulsi on Hezbollah “infiltrating” itself into civilian population?

Anyway, I’ll just let Nabulsi speak for himself in this video. And I screwed up and put “June 20” on the video instead of “July 20.” I’m going to leave it because I would have to re-encode the whole video and upload it, which takes forever, and I’m short on time and bandwidth. I regret the screwup.
A Flickr set is available and I will be updating it as I go, so feel free to subscribe to its RSS feed. (By the way, can Windows users see this movie?)