Trying To Get South

BEIRUT — Wow, this seems like old times for the blog, eh? Here I am trying to get a driver to take me south to Tyre and I’m thanking you all for your generosity in donations. I’m really, really grateful. This will help a lot, considering the Lebanese — who are a merchant people — have recognized the war as a gouging opportunity.
The Israelis have come in, but it’s unclear just how far in they are. Most reports say only a kilometer or two inside the border, but I’m trying to get more information via phone, etc. Frustrating to be up here in Beirut while this is happening. I hear they’re bombing Sidon now, but again it’s unclear how badly.
Yesterday I dashed into Sidon with some colleagues and we found some refugees who had just arrived from the south a couple of hours previously. I will be posting that shortly. And it won’t be appearing in any newspapers. Think of it as a value-add for your generosity.
OK. Going to try to find a drive crazy enough to drive south who won’t charge us $600-700. I hear they’re charging $400 *a day* down in Tyre. Man.