Hi there! Thanks for stopping in. I’m Christopher Allbritton. In 2002, I went stumbling around Iraqi Kurdistan, the northern part of Iraq outside Saddam’s direct control, looking for stories. (Some might call it “looking for trouble.”) In March 2003, I made it back in time for the war, becoming the Web’s first fully reader-funded journalist-blogger. With the support of thousands of readers, we raised almost $15,000. You can read my dispatches here. It was one of the moments in journalism when everything worked. It was a grand — and successful — experiment in independent journalism.

But I’ve since moved on. I left Iraq for Lebanon, then Dubai, then a John S. Knight Stanford Fellowship and then Pakistan, where I spent three years as bureau chief and chief correspondent for Reuters. Now, I’m freelance again, and traveling the world, blogging over at truly, nomadly, deeply. If you’re looking for more of my writings, you can check them out there.

Over the years, you’ve been incredibly supportive and I’m equally grateful. This site will stay up as a historical record of the time and the blogging, but it’s not actively maintained. Feel free to join me in my new online home, however.

Thanks again, and best wishes,