So, Inauguration Day. It’s here and I still can’t quite believe it. Eight years of arguably the worst presidency in the history of the country are over and a new one begins with President Barack Obama. Like many Americans I am hopeful, anxious, enthusiastic and ready to move on. But I can’t help feeling a bit nostalgic for President George W. Bush.

I mean, he provided me and my colleagues in the war covering business with lots of work. I mean, *a lot of work*. I made a career covering Bush’s catastrophes across the Middle East, and that wasn’t the only region he royally screwed up. THese include Afghanistan/Pakistan, Russia, the Caucuses and — lest we forget — New Orleans right close to home. Any one of these would be a blight on a presidency and a boon for journalistic careers, but damn.

Anyway, welcome to the Big Game, President Obama. Time to get to work.

One Comment on “Congratulations, Mr. POTUS…”

  1. This would have to be one of the most crass and opportunistic articles I have read. Utter tripe! That’s a shame. I enjoyed (or thought I did) some of your ’embedded posts’ dealing with live action in Iraq, as also your private sorties during the first and second Iraq series. But now, having read your comments on Bush, I have to reevaluate all that you have said before. If it too was as trite and trashy as this effort then all your readers have been misled. Not only in hindsight but in the day, we felt Bush struggled mightilly against a media and ‘International Community’ which in THIS presidency is going to pay double for their free ride. Bush was honest within the terms of his office. He could only do what the media told his electors he was permitted to perform. Under the circumstances, we feel the USA got out of it far better than they deserved and we agree with those who say Bush will be respected by History more than his detractors. However, your comments are utter rubbish and cheap rubbish at that! It sounds like you have become more establishment than the establishment! A pity but predictable. Guran