Bahceli: “Turkey cannot allow the establishment of a Kurdish state”

More noise from the Turkish press, this time from Turkiye, a nationalist newspaper. Starting to get interesting now:

On a campaign swing through central Anatolia yesterday, Nationalist Action Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahceli underscored his party’s pledge to protect Turkey’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Addressing a rally in Kirikkale, Bahceli stressed how recent developments in northern Iraq were drifting dangerously towards the establishment of a state there, a development he said Turkey could in no way allow. He further charged that certain European Union harmonization laws had been passed only at the EU’s behest, since “the citizens of Turkey never asked for such laws.” Speaking later in Kayseri, Bahceli alleged that public opinion polls appearing in the news were meant to deceive the public, not inform them. In a number of polls purporting to forecast Nov. 3 election results, the MHP has not fared especially well.