Dude, you’re, like, totally busted


Jesus H. Christ on a surfboard. I don’t even know what to think of this. Apparently a 15-year old dude from Torrence, Calif., was arrested Dec. 29 at LAX after trying to board a Singapore Air flight to Indonesia. Why was he arrested? He had a doctored passport with the name “Cat Stevens” on it. Under questioning, the teen admitted he wanted to join al Qa’ida because he heard the terror network was paying airfare to Indonesia and lodging. His motive for joining? He was “sick of surfing Rat beach closeouts”, a reference to his local surf spots less than stellar wave quality.
Dude, you’re, like, totally stupid.
I’ve never heard of someone — before now, anyway — who wanted to join al Qa’ida so he could surf. And if he already had a ticket, then how was al Qa’ida going to reimburse him? What forms did Osama bin Ladin’s expense department need to compensate Dude for his outlay? I mean, shit. This is just stupid.