Bush to protesters: “Who cares what you think?”

Big surprise here. President Bush “respectfully” told the millions of anti-war protesters to take a hike and that he would not be deterred by anti-war slogans, marchers or any other speed bump on the road to Baghdad.
Well, I guess this proves one thing: Deterrence really doesn’t work to stop madmen.
Bush took a moment to out of his busy schedule to condescend to the protesters who turned out by the millions on Saturday and who could, conceivably, cost Tony Blair his premiership.
“Democracy is a beautiful thing, and that people are allowed to express their opinion,” Bush said. I just don’t have to listen, he thought to himself.
I’d like to think that Bush et al. will pay a price for this come 2004, but I worry that the memory of the American voter is short, too short, and easily erased, like an etch-a-sketch shaken hard, by smart bomb footage and gauzy CNN films of GIs receiving flowers from Iraqi children.
If things go wrong, as they very well could, the fallout could be devastating for America. If that’s the case, Bush’s political career deserves to be “collateral damage.”