Developing events… flashes, etc.

10:20 PM EST: Strikes were “decapitation strike,” huge explosions in B’dad now CNN reporting. Was Saddam hit? Don’t know yet.
10:15 PM EST: Bush speaks: “On my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets…. these are opening stages. …. more than 35 countries. … I want americans and all the world to know that coalition forces will make every effort to spare civilians from harm. … We have no ambition in iraq except to remove a threat and restore the country to its own people. Our forces will be coming home as soon as the can. … the only way to limit its duration is to apply decisive force. … we will accept no outcome but victory. … ”
9:57 PM EST: CNN reporting more flashes over B’dad. No huge explosions yet. PS: I’m not in danger. Not in Iraq yet. But thanks for the well-wishes.
9:55 PM EST: CNN reporters with U.S. troops are still in holding pattern. Not yet en route.
9:23 PM EST: Stratfor reports that Pentagon sources say that the strike involving F-117 fighters was aimed at a site where Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and other Iraqi leaders were believed to have been staying.
Still peaceful for the moment in Baghdad. CNN video footage is quiet. Dawn over Baghdad. Cruise missile strike in Baghdad. “Target of opportunity,” CNN says. Sounds like it’s before the planned attack, apparently. Important target. Saddam?