Book proposal preview

book_proposal.jpgA treat, I hope. I’ve uploaded the first eight pages of the B2I book proposal, tentatively titled Hearts and Minds: War, Journalism and the Battle for Iraq as a .pdf file. Comments are welcome. The full proposal is obviously much longer, with a sample chapter, promotional material and pictures. This is to whet your appetite.
And to spark some debate. It would be interesting to get feedback from the people this book is really for — you, the readers. Everything I’ve tried to do with Back-to-Iraq has been with you guys in mind, and it’s only right you have a chance to weigh in on the ideas outlined in the introduction of the proposal. If there were a way to allow you all to collectively mark up the pages online, I’d do that. Alas, I know of no such technology.
It’s in the hands of my agent, Dawn, who’s email is listed on the front page. She’s going tp start showing to publishers today. Any book editors, or relatives of book editors, or people who know book editors, or people who have once heard of book editors are welcome to email her and make offers with hefty advances.