The New Jihad in Iraq

TIME has published a story on the new jihad that the resistance in Iraq is morphing into.
You’ll notice that Sheik Mehdi Ahmed al-Sumaidai, of the Ibn Taymiya Mosque is mentioned as auditioning for the Mullah Omar role in Iraq. Also, here’s a good reason for being on lockdown:

Insurgents also say al-Zarqawi may have intended last week’s onslaught to be even more catastrophic. As militants attacked in cities like Fallujah and Baqubah, a cell of an Iraqi resistance group working with al-Zarqawi roamed Baghdad, insurgent sources told Time. Working in small teams in separate cars, the insurgents cased targets and waited for their commanders, including al-Zarqawi himself, to issue strike orders. When the cell didn’t receive the call, it withdrew and waited for another opportunity to attack.

So before anyone thinks TIME was keeping us under wraps because the CPA was trying to get us off the handover story, it’s because TIME didn’t want us dead. Cut the magazine some slack, OK?