Happy Independence Day

You know, I was going to write some long, ruminative entry on the nature of freedom, sovereignty in Iraq and whatnot (with a healthy dose of irony considering I’m in Baghdad thinking such Deep Thoughts) but then I thought, “Hell with it, no one’s going to be in the office until Tuesday anyway, and by that time something will have blown up rendering it all moot.” So instead, I’ll wish all of you in the USA a *safe* and happy Independence Day. Use it wisely, would you? For the Iraqis, it’s just Tuesday. (The work week starts on Saturday.)
As for me, I’m due tonight at the new U.S. embassy for a 4th of July picnic with the new embassy crew, including, I hear, Mr. Ambassador himself. I’m sure the New York Times will hog him all night, the party-poopers. Pity it’s all off the record.